About ClaimSimple

Claimsimple is 40+ years in the making.

We’re those respected insurance claims professionals, experts, and service providers who are called upon when a claim is going badly or someone doesn’t understand (or trust) the workings of the insurance claims process.

Claimsimple is pro-policyholder without being anti-insurance company, so we look for solutions instead of blame. We respect the good faith, fair dealings, and best efforts in resolving insurance claims between most insurance companies, policyholders, claimants, and service providers, but our 40+ years of insurance claims experience acknowledges that claims can go wrong even amidst the best of intentions and there may be bad actors on every side of an insurance claim.

We call it the way we see it. We anticipate the worst and work towards the best. Claimsimple provides information and access to guidance, resources, and services that will get you the results you deserve.